Thursday, January 7, 2010

A day to remember in mylife

I want to write about my worst day in my life. I can't describe my feeling when I knew what happened In my country
In May, on the summer, I was traveling with my mother and my grandmother to Egypt to spend the summer holiday in Cairo and I left my father in Sudan. Everything went fine and very nicely. The plain take off in May 5th , 2008.
When we arrived to the flat everything was so nice and I had pleasure in this journey. After a couple days, I heard that my father is so sick and his condition is going down. At this moment, I felt like I was carrying a big on my back.
On this second I called my father and I spoke with him. Obviously he was so sick but he assured me by phone not to worry. He told me to be a strong my son. He said it was just stress so I should not worry. On Wednesday my dad died and I came to Sudan on the same day. This day was the worst day in my life.

About the Bank of the Nile in 1960

I am looking at the Bank of the Nile and people near it on the picture.The sun is shin at the photo. The sun generally shines in Omdurman in apr├Ęs
It was very hot. The men on the left started to cut a piece of wood with a saw. They finished cutting it. The water carrier filled his tins from the Nile. The water carrier was taking them to the shop.
The merchant with the sunshade came to the river bank to sell his goods,He had come in his car. The door of his car has opened by itself. He is just going back this shop, but he had notyet got into his car.
.The airplane had not yet landed. It was flying and it was going to Khartoum airport. The smallest boat has not yet gone through the bridge
.I have gone to the bank of the Nile on a weekend It was a very nice trip. It is always nice to go there. The bank of the Nile today is different. It is very "dirty".

Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Internet

The Internet is very important in my life .I use it from 3years ago.I use it for 2 hours to day. I use it to communicate with the world and to get more information. I see the Internet as very important tool to every student or person .It helps the student in college application like assignments and projects. Also I use my email to communicate with my teacher and colleagues in the blended learning group

How I spend Eid holiday

In the morning I went to Eid prayer. After that, I went to my work at altifl city ( Kids City).
Eid in Sudan is very nice especially in Omdorman because thiswhere my family, friends and relatives are. With my friends I went to a very nice place which was Althoura. We had nice time.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Mobile

Mobile nodes are devices that are capable of connecting to the Internet from a variety of different points of entry. I am themobile Zain.Ihave anokia N73 .It,s very vsfull model.Ithin the teens vse the mobile jvst for fun .I advice them tovse it for call only.

A famous person:Omar Albashier

Omar al-Bashir was born in 1944 in Hoshe Bannaga, which then formed part of the Kingdom of Egypt andSUDANPragmatic at times, he has liberalised Sudan 's economy to take advantage of oil production and has established strong trade ties with countries such as China and Russia . He is married to his cousin Fatima Khalid, and to a second wife, Widad Babiker, Bashir has no children